All About It

This blog?

Well, why not?

I have this domain and I love to write, so why not have a place where I can speak my mind? That’s all I really want from it, a place to write down my jumbled up thoughts and hopefully figure one or two things out along the way. I have a creative blog and a gaming blog, even a neglected crafting blog, so why not a personal blog?

What in the world do I have to write about?

Well, for one, I am transitioning from female to male according to society’s current gender notions.

I live in the Midwest, not the most accepting of places for people like me.

I also live in relative poverty, there is a whole set of issues I have to deal with right there. That pretty much rules my life, the limitation of resources. When you’re focused on getting enough to eat, sometimes other important things get pushed aside.

I am an artist and writer, so no doubt I am going to encounter obstacles in those areas of my life. At least I don’t have to worry about being employed by someone else who disagrees with my transition. That’s a small blessing.

Religion? Oh yes, I might rant about that.

Being a parent is also a part of who I am, no doubt my kids will get more than a few mentions.

I am a complicated person and I want to tell my story. Every last part of it.

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