WPATH Town Hall

Giant, exciting things are happening, and right here in Springfield, MO! Burrell Mental Health and THEA sponsored a WPATH conference for professionals.

For those not in the know, WPATH is the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. They literally write the standards of care that providers are encouraged to follow to properly treat their transgender clients.

It was an amazing question and answer session to kick off a week long training for professionals only, but this gave a chance for the community to speak up. The turnout was incredible, the questions were provocative, the discussions were intelligent.

And, best of all, I hugged Dr. Jamison Green.

Less than pleasant was the continual theme that it is just a matter of waiting for things to get better. And I understand. A lot of surveys and studies don’t have reliable data on the transgender community yet. You can’t make policy without evidence to base it on, at least not good policy.

Waiting is a tough thing when you’re living this, though. Day by day, it isn’t easy, and our healthcare is life or death in many cases. The from the top down model of making policy and the from the bottom up model of improvements in training new medical students both take considerable time.

A ray of hope, someone did bring up a ‘from the middle out’ approach of creating a local gender clinic to help people right here within the next few months. Fingers crossed! And more than that, I’ll be looking for ways I can help make a local impact.

Pictures of the event below the cut.

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